A Prayer of the Spiritual and Material Worlds for Renewal of Great Lakes WATER


Mission of the PURE Spirit Waters Project

Through the recognition of its organic earth grid the Earth is awakened to its higher state of being as a force of healing in the Universe.  It is the purpose of this website to facilitate this awakening in the Great Lakes to their healing power as a force of re-genesis in the world.

Effort 1

With the collaborative efforts of 1st Nation and Star Nation communities, through the combined intentions of faith and consciousness communities, in expectant spiritual support from Elemental forces; especially the Water Elementals of deep, surface and celestial water realms called Undines or mer-peoples, in a unity field of harmony with the Forest Peoples, ancestors, and  Archangel Michael and the awakened Aurora whose Elemental water memories are called upon to inform the pure spirit waters of these Lakes of their holy nature; as we as a spiritual community in total hold healing in our hearts for the purified return of sacred structure to these Great Lakes and Earth waters.

Effort 2

Through these Pure Spirit Waters it is proposed an imagined Foundation Stone of spirit be placed beneath these pent-waters that connects these surface waters to the four oceans of Ringwoodite waters at Earth’s mantle boundary to serve as a conduit of Source memory from these primary waters captured by Earth in nebula formation to inform these surface Pure Spirit Waters with a holy grail like vortex spiraling from the deep in a balanced way through the auspice of Christ whose holy waters commingle with those of Earth water to instill in it an awareness of its sacred elemental nature. Simply to: Think(of), Feel and Will—Great Lakes waters as a pure holy substance worthy of its Christ presence.

Effort 3

Informed as Pure Spirit Water, biospheric waters are seen to rush to bond to its sacred nature and structure, reawakening and reactivating sacred sites on its way from the Southwest to the Northeast of Turtle Island across the arc of and through Mississippi River waters from its Lake Itasca source to New Orleans delta radius of amazing grace; lighting up America’s spiritual powers within its sense of place, from sea to shining sea.

Effort 4

As consecrated human beings in humble service and gratitude this mission of purity remains open to its full potential arising from their heart-minds to implement this Pure Spirit Water mission as expression of our soul's presence emerging from water’s divine matrix and sacred geometry.



Contact  purespiritwaters@gmail.com to get more information on the project